About Us


“Jiangsu Mingtian Wood Co., Ltd” was officially registered in 2014. The company focuses on the “MILANS” brand management output and targeted product design, technology research and development. For “MILANS” brand development in the national market to provide a full range of operational support. The company has introduced a full set of German homage and haokai rapid production lines, full automatic sawing, grooving, UV coating equipment, large press and other perfect production hardware;

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Industry Experience

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Product Category

“MILANS” brand positioning focus on product design, is committed to providing consumers with the exclusive style of the series of household products, mainly including: art parquet flooring, engineered hardwood flooring laminate engineered and so on. Design product style includes modern simple style, Mediterranean style, pastoral style, European simple style………

Company Culture

Our foors are born out of empathy towards human behaviours. Pick them up to decorate your love-above.

Corporate mission

Let every home enjoy perfect delivery.Our foors are born out of empathy towards human behaviours.

Enterprise pirit

The company adheres to the "craftsman spirit" and infiltrates the essence of craftsmanship

Business philosophy

Only with sincerity in heart and proficient in art can the destructive rays of light bloom in the subtleties.

Quality policy

Take quality as the life of the company, focus on customers, and continue to improve