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MILANS FLOOR: Creating a refined life with environmental protection

Recently, the negative oxygen ion MILANS FLOOR launched by Jiangsu Mingtian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. won the national 3.15 integrity brand. The brand was jointly issued by the China Consumer Protection Foundation's anti-counterfeiting committee and the 3.15 "Commodity and Quality" weekly.

Jiangsu Mingtian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of various medium and high-end antique embossed floors, multilayer solid wood composite floors, and solid wood floors. The company has established the business philosophy of "survive by quality and develop by environmental protection" since its inception. Quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Only stable and high-quality products can make an enterprise invincible in market competition; and environmental protection is the theme of future development of enterprises, the country and the world. To seek development with environmental protection is to make environmentally friendly household products , To achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and customers under the tone of benefiting the country and the people. Since its establishment, the company has been strict in quality control, hired a professional technical team with high salaries, and introduced advanced Haojing production lines and 130 meters of Taiwanese dust-free UV coating lines from Germany, Taiwan and other regions. Strong capital, excellent team, and advanced equipment are the guarantee for Mingtian Wood to gain a foothold in the market and develop rapidly.

Mylesson Flooring is the company's main brand, born for pickiness. From raw materials to finished products, 12 quality control points are set up, and every link is strictly checked to ensure that every piece of Myleson floor has diamond-like quality. Myleson floor uses precious high-quality boards, which are polished by an advanced Taiwan Jialong sanding machine, and then are coated with an environmentally friendly UV paint without aldehyde addition using an advanced coating line to ensure that each piece of Myleson floor is fresh and natural like a forest .

This floor has been tested and determined by the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision Center to have a formaldehyde content of 0.07mg/L, while the formaldehyde content of the purified water we usually drink is 0.09mg/L, which can be described as a "floor that is more environmentally friendly than pure water".

In addition to its extremely low formaldehyde content, this brand floor has an advantage that other floors cannot match, that is, it can release negative oxygen ions.

Experts show that the concentration of negative oxygen ions is closely related to human health. The concentration of negative oxygen ions in urban residences is only 40-100 per square meter. In such an environment, certain diseases are easily caused and pose a serious threat to human health; the concentration of negative oxygen ions in urban parks is 500-1000 Per square centimeter, this is basically the same as human health needs; while the concentration of negative oxygen ions per square centimeter in the mountains and seas can reach 2000-10000 per square centimeter. People living in such an environment for a long time can breathe fresh air and maintain a happy mood.

If the whole house is paved with this floor, people living in it can feel the air is fresh and refreshing. If such a full house floor can release negative oxygen ions for a long time, it can create a fresh and refreshing comfortable and healthy environment like being in a forest.

In addition, in just one year, the company has successively obtained certifications and approvals from many authoritative organizations such as "Quality Management System", "Environmental Management System", "China Environmental Labeling", and won "Consumer Satisfaction Products" , "China's high quality and assured brand" and other honorary titles.

Zhang Hengfeng, chairman of Jiangsu Mingtian Wood Industry Co., Ltd., said that the never-ending pursuit of exquisite furnishings is what Jiangsu Mingtian Wood Industry must insist on. The product must ultimately benefit consumers. What consumers care about is not the cool black technology, but whether it can bring a convenient, comfortable and healthy life experience. Several revolutionary new products launched by Mingtian Wood in recent years are all examples of this concept. As long as it is beneficial to the majority of users, we will do it at any cost, just for the faith in my heart, "creating exquisite home", so that every Chinese can enjoy the life of exquisite home.