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Domestic urbanization, timber core market potential is immeasurable

Urbanization is the long-term and sustainable driving force of China’s economic development. According to official data, by 2020, the proportion of China’s urban residents in its total population of approximately 1.4 billion will increase from the current 53.7% to 60%. It is said that the urbanization process will reach 60%. With the domestic urbanization, the consumption potential of the timber core market is immeasurable.

1. Rural urbanization brings new markets

At present, the pace of urbanization in my country is accelerating, which is several times that of Western countries. After 30 years of hard work, China's urbanization level has reached more than 50%. In addition, there are also affluent groups in small towns. Their consumption concepts are different from those in cities. They consume more rationally and pay more attention to quality and affordable prices. Therefore, wood board cores need to grasp this new opportunity based on the characteristics of these consumer groups. Rural urbanization will inevitably cause people to put forward new requirements for home furnishings. They need high-quality and high-priced wood board cores, and new business opportunities for wood board cores arrival.

2. Channel sinking to find business opportunities

With the change from rural to urban areas, rural consumers will also have corresponding changes in home decoration, and the rural consumer market will open up. At present, my country's timber core industry is concentrated in the first-tier market, and many brands have broken their heads in the first-tier market. If they want to seize market share, the second-tier market is gradually becoming saturated. The pace of national urbanization has really given Timber Core a new opportunity. Companies cannot be limited to first- and second-tier cities. They should use this opportunity to sink channels and go to third- and fourth-tier cities or rural areas to find new market opportunities.

3. Update marketing concept

There are still differences between rural consumer groups and urban consumer groups, and companies should have new marketing concepts before channel sinking. Make a change to its own brand positioning, price, and promotion methods to adapt to the rural market. For the rural urbanization market, the cost of wood cores should not be too high, the quality must be reliable, the after-sales must be guaranteed, and the cost-effective timber cores must be available. This is a difficulty in the development of wood board cores, but it is also an opportunity for the board core market.

"The investment opportunity of the world is China's urbanization." The urbanization construction drives the increase in real estate production and income, and timber core as a downstream industry of real estate will surely benefit. Therefore, wood board core companies should be prepared to accumulate their power to enhance their competitiveness in the wood board core urbanization market and win a place.