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Four fatal injuries faced by panel traders

Last year was an uneasy year for panel manufacturers. Under the high pressure of environmental protection, a large number of panels were shut down, and the price increase of panels became the new normal. This is undoubtedly worse for many panel manufacturers. Under this situation, many Sheet merchants began to seek change. 2018 will be a more brutal year for panel manufacturers. From the perspective of national policies and industry development, more panel plants will be closed for rectification. With increasing market competition pressure and changes in consumer demand, there will be a large number of The board trader will be eliminated.

1. Environmental protection is high, and price increases are still the new normal

Under the background of national supply-side reforms and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, environmental protection will continue to maintain high pressure, and the road to capacity reduction in the plate industry has just begun. Many plate manufacturers will be forced, and a large number of low-quality, low-value-added plates will be Instead, price increases will be the new normal. For panel manufacturers, it is hard to tell. Now the profit of the panel is not high, and it will face the problem of losing money and failing to pay back in time after the price increase. Many projects are It's a dragging day, dragging it for several months, and the panel trader can only sigh up to the sky!

2. Consumption upgrades, plate channels sink

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for home life are getting higher and higher. The market for traditional woodworking handmade furniture and finished custom furniture is shrinking. More and more young people choose custom home furnishings. Due to consumer groups and needs The number of customers who directly demand plates is constantly decreasing. In addition, many manufacturers are also sinking channels and directing the factories to consumers, which further reduces the living space of plate manufacturers.

3. Competing among peers, the profit margin becomes smaller

With the development of the market, there are more and more sheet operators, competition in the same industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the problems of price wars, fleeing goods and credit sales are becoming more and more serious. The profit margins of sheet sales have become smaller, vicious competition and serious credit sales have led to the transparency of product prices. The merchant even sold the sheet at a loss.

4. Tariffs are skyrocketing, making exports difficult

In recent years, national trade protection has risen, and the United States has launched a double-reverse investigation of Chinese plywood, and has ruled that the dumping margin of Chinese enterprises is 183.36%, and the subsidy margin is 22.98%~194.90%. After the ruling of the double anti-investigation, the U.S. sheet metal company launched an anti-circumvention investigation with the U.S. Department of Commerce, intending to completely close the door of my country's plywood exports to the United States. Following the United States, other countries such as South Korea and the University of Australia Liu Ya are also launching a new round of trade protection. Tariffs have skyrocketed, and sheet metal traders doing foreign trade generally report that it is difficult to export.

In the face of these four fatal injuries, some foresight panelists began to transform into the whole house customization field. In the field of whole house customization, in addition to Oupai, Sophia, Shangpin Home Delivery and other brands, Anxin Meijia’s new home furnishing brand has become the first target for panel merchants to join, especially Anxin Meijia because it is a new home brand product with high cost performance and short customization cycle , New model and other characteristics, compared with the old brand, more favored by plate manufacturers.

According to the analysis of authoritative organizations, the demand for customized home furnishings market continues to rise. The customized home furnishing market is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan in 2020. 2018 will be a good time for panel manufacturers to transform the whole house customized industry.

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